Osterley opticians undertake both private and NHS work. Some customer groups are entitled to NHS service. Please ask for details.

The Eye Test

When you become a customer of Osterley opticians, the health of your eyes becomes our priority. Our eye tests are thorough and comprehensive, checking the front of your eyes, your retina and optic nerve, your eye muscles and eye pressures and your vision at all distances.

Our fully qualified Optometrist will do all the necessary checks to establish the standard of your eyesight and the health of your eyes. We will look for early signs of cataracts, glaucoma and other conditions. Diabetes, high blood pressure and vascular disease can also be detected, as the eye can give clues to general health as well as different eye conditions.

Contact Lenses

We all like to look good, and having an alternative image for different occasions is part of our modern lifestyle. Whether it is for sports or social purposes, there is something for almost everyone. All contact lens wearers need an annual contact lens check, which is different to an eye examination.

Contact lenses vary in material, dimension, fitting, wearing schedules and wearing times. At Osterley opticians, we are here to make contact lenses easy. Getting to know your occupation, interests and hobbies will determine the type of contact lens that is right for you. In order to do this we will ask you a few questions and do specific tests during the consultation. We will then discuss a few options and give you a trial run with the lenses, to ensure that the contact lenses are suitable for your individual needs. Most children are able to use and get on with lenses very well, by offering a little more care and attention.

Home Visits

We are pleased to offer a home visiting service for anyone who is unable to visit us at our practice. We have specialist mobile equipment to bring to your home and check your eyes. We are happy to book an appointment at your convenience. Please call us to book your appointment.

DVLA Eye Tests

Osterley Opticians is a DVLA approved opticians. There are a number of reasons why you may be referred to us for a specific fields test. You will be advised by the DVLA should you need this test. We need to ensure that all your eye checks are up to date so may need to do a few extra checks.


Uncorrected vision can hinder a child's development. If these problems remain untreated they can lead to changes, which can’t be reversed later in life. A child’s vision develops quickest up to the age of about eight. After that, the potential to change any defects is greatly reduced. It is important that children’s eyes are checked regularly and routinely. We may need to use drops on some children to obtain accurate results.

It is recommended for children to have a routine eye examination before starting primary school, and at regular intervals thereafter. Research has shown that the development of a child’s visual ‘system’ is largely complete by the age of 8, after which, there is little scope for improving lazy eyes. So the earlier treatment is started, the better the possible results. Remember that all children's eye examinations are funded by the NHS and our optometrists will be delighted to examine your children's eyes.